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About Us..

Nachman (Lead Vocal, Guitar), Yosef (Bass Guitar, Vocals) and Sruli (Mandolin, Vocals) Soloman have been playing music together since they started walking and talking.

They are the three youngest brothers of seven children in the multi-instrumentalist, highly talented Soloman family. Music was a central and ever present force in the family, an intrinsic part of their childhood that inspired a deep joy which continues to be refected throughout their lives today.


Father, Ben Tzion Solomon grew up in the United States and attended the highly acclaimed Berkeley School of Music. He achieved his Masters in Music and continues to grow his musical repertoire until today. As a Professional – Multi Instrumentalist and Songwriter he performed in various Bluegrass bands in California and then, after moving to Israel, started the frst Jewish Rock n Roll band called the Diaspora Yeshiva band. Releasing 10 albums, they had several hit records like 'Live in King David's Tomb' and 'The Land of Fathers'. Ben Tzion had always wanted to play music with his sons so he started 'The Ben Tzion Solomon and Sons Band' with the eldest few.


When the younger brothers started gaining in talent and experience, it was time for them to join in the fun. Nachman was just 12 when he started playing keyboards while Yosef was already a seasoned musician at 18 singing and playing percussion, and Sruli age 13 was playing guitar. At one point all 7 brothers performed in the Ben Tzion Solomon and Sons Band, touring together, releasing records and receiving wide acclaim and a loyal fan base. As well as enjoying playing as a family the younger brothers wanted to create independent projects to experiment with new genres and alternative instrumental lineups. During this period, Noah formed 'Soulfarm', Yosef performed in 'Moshav Band' and Nachman created 'Hamakor'. All of them achieved success, releasing records and touring Europe, The USA, Israel and Canada. Still there was more to come... In 2013, Nachman returned from a tour when a friend casually suggested he enter 'The Voice Israel.' 


He did so and was immediately accepted to perform. However, he reviewed the contract with his lawyer and decided it was too onerous for an already professional musician and politely declined. The production company respected his decision and Nachman thought that was the end of the story. However, The Voice were creating 'Mishpacha Hofa'ah' (translated from Hebrew as Family Gig) and remembered Nachman playing with his brothers and asked him if he would enter. Nachman bounced it off his brothers and they agreed to give it a go. They breezed through the audition and The Solomon Brother's Band was born. Just under 1 year later, after 26 episodes and 150 bands the Solomon Brother Band reached the competition fnal.


After making countless TV appearances, judging panels and audience votes, they really felt bonded into a solid band with a unique sound which the audience appreciated. The combination of their dynamic musical infuences include the folk of Bob Dylan, Neil Young & Mumford & Sons, as well as Reggae and Israeli Folk. They weave these together to create their own brand of Bluegrass and Spiritually infused Folk-Rock. When it comes to writing, having grown up together, you can imagine they are pretty unusual. There is no lyricist/melody writer, it's anyone's guess who will bring the frst riff, melody or lyrics, and it doesn't matter. They all work on the tune together, which refects their love of each other and good music. As Nachman says “The pure joy of this project is fantastic – to share the stage with my brothers, write together and share our music which comes as a result of our deep understanding of each others as Brothers”



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